Stand alone lutris,,,,

itd be cool to have a tab in the lutris client where u can browse through games and have the program stand alone. i was thinking of the perfect htpc, steam OS is cool and all but u can only install linux games. id like a big picture mode for lutris which looks like steam big picture mode, where i could browse through games as im sitting on my couch. yes, steam big picture mode can do that but i cant install wine games unlike lutris. i was looking into how i could make the perfect steam machine and i think lutris is a project which could make this happen
sorry for the bad grammer

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well, i also talked about the TV ui

Hello, sorry to interrupt, but I can’t get “The perfect steam machine”. You need steamOS for a Steam Machine and then, Nonsteam games are unplayable…

what im saying is that a tv mode for lutris, so wine games and native games would work