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Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions (Linux Installation Guide)

Note: This a guide for Lutris not Steam. I couldn’t get Spider-man - Shattered Dimensions to work via Steam on Linux.

Follow the below instructions:

  1. Copy installation files to a folder

  2. Create a new 64 bit wine prefix
    2.1) WINEPREFIX=”path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix” winecfg

  3. Install a couple of tools and dlls using winetricks prior to installing the game
    3.1) WINEPREFIX=”path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix” winetricks d3dx9_43
    3.2) WINEPREFIX=”path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix” winetricks dinput8
    3.3) WINEPREFIX=”path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix” winetricks xact

  4. Install a custom game using Lutris
    4.1) Use the ‘+’ sign on the top left corner of the lutris home screen to Add a new game.
    4.2) Give the game a Name, and for the Runner, choose Wine.
    4.3) Under Game options add the following
    4.3.1) Executable: point to the exe used to install the game.
    4.3.2) Arguments: leave blank
    4.3.3) Working directory: leave blank
    4.3.4) Wine prefix: point to the wine prefix created previously. path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix
    4.3.5) Prefix architecture: leave it to Auto (default)
    4.4) Leave the runner options as-is. If your kernel supports Fsync, enable it; then disable Esync.
    4.5) Leave the System options to default.
    4.6) Launch the setup exe using the game shortcut through lutris home screen.
    4.6.1) Install the game and quit the setup window once done.

  5. Reconfigure Game shortcut on lutris homescreen
    5.1) Right click the shortcut and select configure.
    5.1.1) Under Game options, modify the Executable path. /path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Activision/Spider-Man™ - Shattered Dimensions/Launcher_MC.exe
    5.1.2) Do not launch the game yet.

  6. Traverse to the installation path in the terminal
    6.1) cd /path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Activision/Spider-Man™ - Shattered Dimensions
    Launch the game using ./Game.exe. Then try changing the resolution to crash the game at least once.
    6.2) Then launch the game using ./Launcher_MC.exe
    Make sure that launching “Launcer_MC.exe” offers you to reset the settings to default.
    6.3) Then continue to launch the game, and under options, under graphics settings, set the preset to ultra, then quit the game.

  7. Modify registry settings for the game.
    7.1) WINEPREFIX=”path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix” wine regedit
    Set the below settings.
    7.1.1) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE>Activision>Spider-Man ™ SD>Settings>Display.
    7.1.2) Change these values: AspectRatio 3(3) Brightness 0(0) Cameras 00 00 00 00… (I did not modify this entry) Contrast 0(0) Fullscreen 1(1) [The game will run in fullscreen] Gamma 0(0) Height 300(768) = Hexadecimal(Screen Size) MaxAniso 10(16) QualityPreset 3(3) QualitySettings 1528(5416) RefreshRate 0(0) RenderingFlags 0(0) Reverb 1(1) Vsync 0(0) Width 556(1566)

  8. Launch lutris from the terminal
    8.1) Just type in lutris and it should launch along with console output, so if you need to troubleshoot you can look at the console output once you launch the game and exit it.
    8.2) Launch the game using the shortcut via lutris homescreen. Everything should now be working fine.

  9. Version Information
    9.1) wine-staging v7.0rc1-1
    9.2) winetricks v20210825-1
    9.3) wine-mono v7.0.0-1
    9.4) lutris v0.5.9.1-3
    9.5) lutris wine version - Lutris-fshack-6.21-6x86_64
    9.6) DXVK v1.9.2L-3e64e1b
    9.7) VK3D Version: v2.5L-db89d40
    9.8) D3D Extras version: v2
    9.9) DXVK NVAPI version - v0.5-e23d450
    9.10) Kernel - 5.15.10-zen1-1-zen
    9.11) nvidia 495.46-4
    9.12) nvidia-dkms 495.46-1
    9.13) nvidia-utils 495.46-1
    9.14) nvidia-settings 495.46-1
    9.15) nvidia-cg-toolkit 3.1-6

  10. Lutris Settings:
    10.1) Enable VKD3D - checked
    10.2) Enable D3D Extras - checked
    10.3) Enable DxvK-NVAPI/DLSS - checked
    10.4) Enable Fsync - checked

  11. References:
    11.1) winetricks d3dx9_43 and winetricks dinput
    11.1.1) WineHQ - Spiderman Shattered Dimensions 1.0
    11.2) Registry edit
    11.2.1) Resolution help please! :: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions General Discussions

Okay, it’s a game no longer on Steam. i would have given you a link to protonDB, but since it doesn’t have it, so i cant. Steam doesn’t use Wine. It uses its own prefix. Try to use proton 5 and then use winetricks with proton and not Wine.
like this
WINEPREFIX=~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/19007/pfx winetricks d3dx9_43 dinput8 xact

where the Number is the game id Number (19007)

Why i say, proton 5 is i think proton 6 is 64bit, and winetricks and 64bit don’t always work together.
Try it and see if it works; remember, sometimes Steam makes the folder (read-only), so check that and make it 777 if you can. If not, i don’t think it is going to work then.

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Thanks. I used protontricks to issue the same commands as winetricks above, and that did the trick! Now, I am able to play the game via steam! Thank you.

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NP happy to help :slight_smile:

Hello, when you start the game in lutris, the screen goes dark and the game crashes.
When running with wine staging (without lutris), the game works but crashes at a certain point.
I started the game with wine, set the window mode in the game settings, then launched it in lutris, (in the window) and saw that the screensaver was loading, and after a second the game crashes.
I did everything strictly according to the instructions. I changed the settings in every possible way. Changed distributions. Even followed a third-party video guide.
Please help me launch the game in lutris without crashes.
Distribution: endeavour’s (arch). Graphics drivers, wine dependencies are installed according to the lutris wiki (github). My graphics card: intel hd graphics 630 (integrated video).

Once the game has crashed. Do as below. /path/to/spider-man-wine-prefix/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Activision/Spider-Man™ - Shattered Dimensions/Launcher_MC.exe

When you use Launcher_MC.exe, a dialog box will appear, which offers you to reset the settings to defaults. Do that. Then the game will launch. Then follow the rest of the guide.

I’ve tried this countless times.
Nothing helps. I think I’ll have to install windows.

Okay. Remember to do the regedit process in windows also. You will need it.

I started the game without crashes.

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I’m confused. Is it a steam install run in wine or a Disk install or a gog/Client install. You only said you run it in wine. If it’s a steam install, then why would you use wine when proton is better for steam games and a lot easier to work with.

I’m primarily active on
Installing Games on Linux.

I didnt use steam/gog for install. c: