Space Hulk: Deathwing

Hello Community,

Amt this time Ihm sitting in my New home without Internet, but a Friend gave me the game as a gift (this word still feel wrong :D) yesterday.
I looked up The engine: Unreal 4.
Is there and hope ehe game will run Witz Lutris (wine) out Ofen the Box Art the Moment?

Greetings, Cronyk

it’s a DirectX11 game and one with pretty high system requirements, your best chance is to wait a few months for Wine 2.1 to be released. We’re getting DX11 support but it will take a while before games run properly!

So, General Question. If I install New anyway, it would be wise tot stat a dualboot:

120 GB SSD ext4 Ubuntu 16.10
60GB SSD NTFS Windows 7
2 TB HDD NTFS Storage for both

This would work, right?
Eben I want Tour getaktet rid of Windows I just habe Töpfe unplig/Format the 60 GB SSD and update GRUB?!
So I can run games not running in Lutris at all in Windows and test them in Linux bevause same storage.
So the Question: Would it be a Bad idear Toyota try to run the Wirkung Windows Installs with eine to test Linux compatibility?

Weird mix of German and English here but I think I understand the question ^^

I’m not sure using a NTFS drive for linux storage will work for everything. It might not cause an issue with Wine games. Best thing is to try it yourself, but I don’t guarantee results, I’ve always put my Linux stuff on ext4 drives.

Yeah, sorry… The autocorrection of my phone strikes again :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer, I did this once and it worked but I dead I shouldn’t do it and asked myself why…
But this is OT, I’ll drive to my parents this weekend and see what I can do with Space Hulk and Dualboot and stuff :smile: D

Well good luck but I won’t guarantee any results :wink:

I would suggest you keep the game installed and try the new Wine versions that will be released in 2017. DirectX11 support is making great progress and we should have some visible results soon!