Space Engineers almost playable

You can use the lutris steam for windows installer. You will need to switch to wine tkg-protonified-faudio-4.4-x86_64, to get it to run. It takes a few minutes to start. A blank black screen comes up and you need to click around a bit to get to the main menu. I suspect it is trying to play an opening video and there is a spot to click to get to the main menu. You can’t see the mouse cursor, so you will have to click blindly moving the mouse cursor around until you get lucky and hit the correct spot. Fun hu? :roll_eyes: The audio gets a bit stuttery at times - I guess the so-called audio fix in wine didn’t fix the audio completely -. When you start a new game you can play about ten minutes then the music stops and everything freezes! You have to use the skull and crossbones to kill it, then restart. It starts at the last checkpoint. Play another ten minutes and… and… and… and, you guessed it! Compatibility with this game needs more work. I saw on github, that a lot of people are struggling to get this game working properly via wine. I guess we will just have to deal with it until the wine and Proton and so forth devs get it sorted.