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Sort games by category

I was wondering why there isn’t a way to set custom categories for games (or if it does exist where I can find it :D). I notice that I personally really like to order my games, “Hard platformers”, “coop”, “1v1”, ect. If implemented well I think that this could be a good add-on (maybe you could have a couple of options, look at games from only one genre (like with the runners), or sort for games from any amount of genres together/exclude certain genres (maybe there could even be a feature to hide certain genres for people who enjoy more “shameful” kinds of games so to say)).
I’m not sure how much time the Lutris dev team has, and I understand that this probably isn’t high prio at all, just wanted to let you guys know :smiley:
Good luck and stay safe!

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And if we have 3 parts of Dead Space, why not to combine them into a one group. Really needed in that mess of Tomb Raiders and others!