Someone make a working installer for phoenix dynasty 2

someone please make a working installer for phoenix dynasty 2 for steam

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@TuiorGames I have a question, I was trying to make the installer last night, but I didn’t managed to get it to work. Where can I find more informations about what arguments winesteam can execute.

for example those arguments:

Desktop: true
version: staging-3.10-x86_64

I found something like this in another game installer:

OffscreenRenderingMode: fbo
RenderTargetLockMode: readtex

but I didn’t managed to find any informations on what they actually do and what are the other available options.

Thank you in advance!

These two are wine config/registry settings (related to screen rendering).
The installer edit page has a cheatsheet on the right, it includes a small glossary at the far bottom.
As for the full explanation on what they do, I’m guessing the best way would be to look up the relevant Wine documentation, or simply look at tooltips in Lutris config dialog for wine (these options are present there). Though the rule of thumb should be “what adjustments are needed for the game to work” (thus you should try running it first, and if something is wrong try to fix it with information in log and/or winehq info of the game – some game may require additional libraries from winetricks)

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someone please make a working installer please