Some titles missing from GOG import

When I import games from GOG there are some titles that don’t get imported, never show up in the list. Titles like all Quest for Glory series and Lands of Lore I and 2. Is this related to that they probably are Dosbox games or is this something else.

I don’t know anything about how the GOG imports the games, but I assume it’s because GOG sells the games as a package.

GOG sells the Quest for Glory games as a single pack of games, Quest for Glory 1-5.

And it looks like Lands of Lore 1+2 are also sold as a single pack.

I bought the Quest for Glory games as a package on GOG, and in my GOG library they are shown as individual games (they were already in my Lutris account, before the GOG import option became available). So maybe there is some disconnect with the GOG import between how the games are sold on the store page and how they show up in the library.

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Can confirm. Tried importing Septerra Core (fixed resolution turn based RPG.)

Hit Import, it acted like it was downloading a thing then it went ‘NOPE this does not exist.’

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Looks like I’ve same issue - imported “Wasteland 2” and “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut”, but they not show up in list. Tried to re-import again, and Lutris tells me that they already imported. They too sells on GOG as package.

Good catch, I have the same issue with Commandos and Dracula series.