Some help with Rage

Hi all. New user to Lutris and i ran across my first issue. Im trying to install Rage and have followed these steps per the Lutris page for the game.

*NOTE: Currently only working on nvidia.
If you have the game installed already in another steam library folder:

  1. Run this installer. When it finishes, -do not- press “Launch Game”. Press Close.
  2. In Lutris, right click RAGE>configure>game options
    –check the box that says “Do not launch game, only open steam”
  3. Launch the game, it will open steam. Login.
  4. Add your steam library folder the way you normally would and set it as Default
  5. In steam, Right click on RAGE>properties>local files>verify integrity of files.
  6. When it finishes, close/exit steam. Go back into lutris and uncheck the “Do not launch the game, only open Steam” checkbox.
    Now you can play with your existing install!

Im not sure i understand how i go about #4. Is there a help page that can show me how to add the folder and set it as default?

Thanks in advance.

The important part is:

I don’t think those instructions should be there since they apply to pretty much any game and would confuse normal users. I’m removing them.