Some games only detecting 1080p in dual monitor setup (4k primary)

I have noticed that some games don’t detect my 4k resolution properly, its asif the game is checking the second screens resolution and applying that to first.

I will use KCD as an example, If you set Lutris to disable the 2nd screen it will detect my 4k as 3840x2160, but with 2nd screen enabled it thinks its a 1080p. Is there any other method of resolving this issue?

I have tried virtual box 4k but it scales to 1080p still. Need some magic commands.

Seems I figured it out, had to change something in winecfg, disabled allow the window manager to control windows. I think you still need to set a virualbox at 4k.

There is a problem with the mouse not staying in fullscreen apps, still figuring that one out. If you force the mouse warp override it will stick the mouse cursor to center of screen which isn’t very useful in a RPG where you need to move it around in inventory sections etc…

EDIT: Seems to be a specific problem with KCD. I have mostly given up on it due to a system crash that happens at the bar cutscene sometimes.