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[Solved] WoW DX11 Settings


Hello. I have been fighting with trying to enable DX11 on WoW and keep running into the issue with the reporting the agent went to sleep then it fails. When I turn off DXVK it runs but I do not get the performance benifits of DXVK.
I would be grateful for some assistance on getting this working.



There’s a few threads around about this that you may have missed. First thing I’d try if you haven’t is deleting the C:\ProgramData\ folder. I have to do it every time Blizzard update something, but it’s a quick fix.


Yeah I have tried that and it always gives me the same error.



I have figured this out and it is working with DKVX now.
The trick was to install the 32 bit Vulken drivers. For unbuntu the command is:
sudo apt-get install libvulkan1:i386