[SOLVED] WoW cursor lag when windows are opened

I just discovered an issue in World of Warcraft that is quite recent. When any window is opened (menus, character info window, achievements, or whatever), the mouse cursor starts lagging really bad. When the windows are closed, it is performing just fine. The game itself runs fast, it’s just the mouse cursor that you can hardly move at all (very slow / jittery movement).

I have recently updated a lot of things - wow itself to latest version, Wine to 3.15, DXVK to 0.72, kernel to 4.18.7 and such, so I’m not exactly sure what triggered the error. I will try to do some research on why it happens, but if anyone encountered the same issue, some pointers would be appreciated.

2 things:

  1. https://superuser.com/questions/528727/how-do-i-solve-periodic-mouse-lag-on-linux-mint-mate
  2. If Nvidia - upgrade to 396.54.05 driver

Seems like changing the mouse poll rate did the trick. Tried playing for a while tonight and the lag seems to have disappeared. Thanks!

PS, this was on Radeon 290X, so not nvidia related.