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[SOLVED] WOW black screen with sound and cursor

I get a black screen with sound and cursor immediately after launching WOW. I tried downgrading wine from 5.20 to 5.19 and the same thing happens.

Wine 5.19 & 5.20
DXVK 1.7.2L-5ca255d
Nvidia 455.28


I was in the same situation, since the last update of the game.
I just made a try, by changing the version of DXVK (configure World of Warcraft / Runner option) to 1.7.1L (the first I tried) and it works !


Thank you, I ended up figuring that out and forgot to post the solution after I played.


I have the same problem, but changing DXVK version didn’t help.
I have Wine 5.20
PoP.OS 19.10

thank you very much… it works for me…

What DXVK are you using?

1.7.1.L DXKV
5.20 wine staging
Nvidia GTX 750

Edit- oh, sorry, your question is for ilianoz… lol

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Could you tell me where did you download Wine 5.20 ?

You can find the details about installing wine here.

I know where to download official WIne releases, but sometimes users download others releases and I’m interesting to know g0015590 detailed method.

Debian Buster.
using backports repository and wineHQ

deb debian buster-backports main contrib non-free


#apt -y install gnupg2 software-properties-common
#wget -qO - h ttps:// | apt-key add -
#sudo apt-add-repository
#wget -O- -q h ttps:// | sudo apt-key add -
#echo “deb htt p:// ./” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wine-obs.list

#apt update
#apt install winehq-staging

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I tried 1.7.1L-743f309 and 1.7.2L-5ca255d versions

Try just 1.7.1 L like this

I solved the problem by changing gxapi to directx11 instead of 12 in

I’m a complete Linux noob, so could you kindly explain me step by step how to “changing the version of DXVK (configure World of Warcraft / Runner option) to 1.7.1L” please? Thanks in advance =)

For some reason, I can’t seem to find the file :frowning:

cd ~/Games/world-of-warcraft/drive_c/Program\ Files\ "(x86)"/World\ of\ Warcraft/_retail_/WTF in a terminal session.

the is located in this directory. If you are using classic WoW, change retail to classic

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No files in the WTF folder, sadly :frowning:

Have you followed the Lutris Battlenet installer instructions, downloaded the game and logged into your Battlenet account? Do you have a Windows installation of WoW you can access?

Yes, I installed according to the instructions in the Lutris website, the folders are there (executable, libraries, data files, etc.) but no file though.