[Solved] World War Z on Epic: Mouse stops working after 9 or 10 minutes

Hi there,
I have an issue here with World War Z playing over Epic Game Store.
After some testing I finally can reproduce the error. Maybe someone here can give me a hint how to solve this:

  1. Start Lutris
  2. Start Epic
  3. Start World War Z
  4. Wait about 9 or 10 minutes (you can ALT+TAB in this time if you want to, doesn’t matter)
  5. Try to click a menu item.

I can move the mouse, but it does not react to anything in the game.
ALT+TAB wouldn’t help.

First I thought it is an ALT+TAB problem or it occurs after I started the second game but after
some time I found out that it occurs also when I just start the game and wait some time in the main menu.

Anyone has the same problem and got a solution for this?

Oh my god I found the setting:
In the configurations menu > Runner options I selected the current Wine (5.5).
With this options I had to disable Esync but couldn’t see any performance differences.
In system options I also disabled the lutris runtime, but I don’t think that this is necessary (I will do some tests in the next days)