[Solved] World of Warcraft: Switching from the pba version to DXVK


I tried to switch my runnter from a pba version to a DXVK one. But everything i´ve tried endet in a mess.

Did someone reach it and can tell me what to do here? A new DXVK prefix didn run aswell so i think im doing something basically wrong here.

Thanks a lot.

Since there is a DXVK Version of the Blizzard App installscrip and You will only need to add DXVK_FAKE_DX10_SUPPORT=1 to the environment variables, You will not need to transform the Staging/PBA/Gallium Nine Version to DXVK anymore.
Thanks alot.

There could be possibly a number of reasons that it didn’t go well.

Firstly knowing what kind of graphics hardware and driver you have installed would help?
Secondly, whether vulkan is installed on your system and working correctly. You can check that one by typing ‘vulkaninfo’ into your terminal. It will either feed lots of information or pop up an error.
Thirdly would be looking at winecfg and the actual setup in Lutris, but there is no point in doing that just now until you know if vulkan is actually working.