[SOLVED] Wireless 360 gamepad issues

I have two WineSteam games installed: Fallout 3 GOTY and Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Both games recognize my wireless 360 gamepad natively, whether x360ce is present or not, and both games map the thumbsticks incorrectly in different ways.

In Fallout, the left thumbstick works great, but the right thumbstick is mapped to the triggers.

In Red Faction, the left and right thumbsticks are swapped, and their controls are rotated 90° counter-clockwise (left analog stick pushed forward makes the camera look right, right analog stick pushed to the left makes you run forward).

In Lutris, I chose x360ce input 9.1.0 mode (I tried all three) with Xinput architecture set to 32 bit.

I installed jstest-gtk, and tried to reorder the mapping, but it made no difference.

In installed AntiMicro, and I realize that’s one solution, but it removes the analog factor (you cannot tilt a stick less to move more slowly).

I know it’s not Lutris’s fault, it’s Wine’s, but I was hoping someone could guide me.

There are a bunch of different ways to get proper controller support in Wine games

First, most games should be supported out of the box with current versions of Wine (starting from 3.2 or something)
If that doesn’t work then using dumxinputemu is the second best bet
It that still doesn’t work then dumxinputemu + dinput8 (dinput 9.1.0 should only be useful for recent games)
If dumbxinputemu still doesn’t work then using a DInput joypad might give better results.
If using a different pad doesn’t work or isn’t an option then xboxdrv might be a solution, it might require remapping some axis and buttons.
If everything else fails, it’s still possible to use SC Controller or Antimicro to remap keyboard to joyapad actions.

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I found my solution! If your wireless 360 gamepad is recognized, but configured all wrong, you may need to install Gamepad Tool.

I’m running Kubuntu, so I just downloaded and installed the .deb file here:

Run Gamepad Tool after install, make sure the gamepad is recognized, if so, click “Set Mapping As Environmental Variable,” and voilà.