[Solved] Wine Steam runner shutting down

I am trying to run some of my Steam games using the wine steam runner but it keeps shutting down prematurely. I seen an older post with the same issue. I installed it using the installer for the game, like it was suggested in the other post,but still happens. Right now I am trying to get the game to work but is doing steam update for the game, and I get so far then quits.I am using the latest version of Lutris, running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Any suggestions anyone?

Lutris has an option to let you keep the Steam client on even when you have exited your game. For example, you can right click > Configure and go to the runner options tab where you can manipulate the steam client. You can also apply your settings to the entire wine steam runner by going to Lutris > Manage runners and then configure Wine Steam from there.

I hope that helps

Do you have Wine installed system-wide? I think I had trouble with a few dependencies before, even if Lutris downloads a standalone version of Wine for Steam.

Another tip is to open lutris in a terminal/console and see what it logs when Steam closes unexpectedly. You can be running into a memory issue of some kind.

I had a few programs simply close because of lack of memory, for example, with no error message.

You need wine-staging in 32bit.

Thanks guys, I did get it to stop shutting down,thanks to stoilkov’s suggestion,thank you, but yes I did wine and wine staging both installed.