[Solved] Wine Steam New Chat issue

So after recent steam update the new chat keeps on popping up and hiding all the time when i run games through wine steam, at least the ones running in window.

Anyone has any idea how to deal with it ? I tried to access steam and play with settings but it already is difficult since lutris seems to hide it right after game launch… besides it seems like it’s some conflict with steam trying to show chat and lutris trying to hide it and me suffering from the mess…

Bonus unrelated question: does disabling glsl disables shader caching ? (especially dxvk) (i’m a total noob here)

edit: it’d seem that new chat itself is crashing all the time… and steam forces it back up…

K I solved the issue for now.

It indeed seems to be chat crashing

-nochatui -nofriendsui

as steam launch arguments solve the issue.

Hope it helps if anyone has this problem as well.