(SOLVED) Wine Cfg Never Opens, Games Never Run After Certain Actions

Hey there, I’ve been using Lutris for a while now and have had few issues that I could fix no problem, until now.

My first problem (which I feel is related to the second) is Wine configuration never opens. The last two things I did before realizing this was: Added ddrawex to wine config libraries for the sims 3, and added C++ libraries through winetricks.

My second problem seems related. Basically, anytime I add a windows dll through winetricks for any game, that game stops working forever no matter what I do. It’s like Wine or Lutris is blocking that specific game from running, even if it is replaced or reinstalled.

System Information: Ubuntu Pastebin
Logs From Console: Ubuntu Pastebin
Logs from the games not opening don’t show anything except the process being exited with return code 13568.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

After I got back after class, I did some research and found nothing. Then I looked around Lutris and saw something called GLCache under my game’s configuration. I simply deleted what was inside that folder and boom, wine cfg opens.

I didn’t fix the problem with certain games not opening after adding DLLs, but despite that I’m a happy camper.