[Solved] Windows+Flash Game

I have a software CD from maybe 2007 that’s an amalgamation of some Marvel games called “Marvel Action Pack”. It’s a collection of Windows games, but it’s actually just a launcher for a bunch of Flash games. Well, sorta. The games have .exe files, but also swf files in the “install directory”. How do I configure Lutris to play these combination Windows/Flash games?

Are those .swf files full games or just some parts of the game? You can try manually adding a flash game to lutris by clicking the + button at the top of the window and then selecting “Web” as runner, going to the game options tab and selecting the .swf file, and then ticking the box that says “Enable Adobe Flash Player” in the runner options tab.

If that’s not sufficient you can try just running the .exes in wine and see what happens. If it doesn’t work just like that, you can also try installing flash via winetricks (run winetricks flash in a terminal) and then try launching the .exes again

It worked!

I’m glad to hear that!
Just out of curiosity, what worked? Did you use the .swf or did you launch the .exe?

I had to install Flash via Winetricks. Then I had Lutris use the .exe files via the Marvel launcher.