(Solved) Where to Report Lutris Runtime Errors?

They go here: https://github.com/lutris/buildbot/issues
Sorry, didn’t notice that before.

Original post:
Not sure where/if errors should be reported, especially without debugging info.

Unfortunately I can’t debug them. My first attempt debugging caused the screen to go black and I had to hard reset. No big deal for a gaming PC, but the machine I’m using is a NAS that doubles as an HTPC.

2 games so far:
*Doom 64 EX: No mouse input with runtime enabled
*Supertux Kart: Does not start with runtime enabled.

Oh, some basic system info:
Arch Linux (x64, latest kernel)
Lutris (latest version)
Nvidia (proprietary driver, latest)

Mind linking te games and which runner you used?

Not at all. Both are native Linux games. Not sure which links would be most helpful, so here’s a bunch (edit: oh, I can only do 2 per post right now):

Supertux Kart

Edit: I’m getting flagged as spam. Not sure why. But I hesitate to post more links, lest I risk getting banned. Doom 64 EX is on git under svkaiser, there is no install script for the game via Lutris. I also just noticed Lutris double boots that game (as in, it runs until the main menu, then restarts), even with the runtime disabled. No big deal, but weird.

Do you want bug reports without debug info? If so I’m happy to post them in the appropriate spot.