[Solved] Warframe mouse capture (?) causing issue, constant pointer re-centering

3.14 has fixed getting things to run in the first place, but now the mouse has gone all weird.
Acts like the mouse is constantly re-centering. Can sort of navigate menus using keyboard, but moving the mouse at all while attempting to click bounces it back to the center of the screen. This also affects in-world navigation, making the game unplayable.
Have tried the “auto capture in fullscreen” setting in winecfg. Behavior persists, in both windowed and borderless fullscreen. In fullscreen the mouse-centering point can be “pushed” around if the mouse is moved fast enough, setting a new centering point.

Currently system 3.14 staging, DXVK .52 (390.x drivers, older card), no other changes to the lutris config that I can remember.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Solved it after digging into the forums on a search for just ‘mouse’
Yes, i feel like a doofus.

For anyone coming here with a similar issue - Mouse Warp Override was the culprit.
Warframe -> Configure -> Runner Options -> Mouse Warp Override (about halfway down on my scrollbar)
Was set to Force, setting to Disable fixed it.