[Solved] Warframe DXVK crashes on launch

Warframe on lutris has two install options, with and without DXVK. The one without dxvk worked out of the box, but performance wasn’t good enough so I’m trying to set it up with DXVK. It runs the updater scripts, than I get a “wine: Call from 0x7bc7d519 to unimplemented function vlukan-1.dll.vkGetInstanceProcAddr, aborting”.

I have a r9 270x, i’m using the latest AMDGPU drivers, i have the latest vulkan installed, warframe is using DXVK 0.63. My distro is arch linux.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m not able to play a lot of games with my friends because I refuse to use windows, I’d really like to get warframe running.

I’ve been trying to fix this all week, and I figure it out 5 minutes after I make this post. Apparently i did’t have the vulkan icd loader, which is kind of important. Maybe this can help someone else