[Solved] Unsupported Graphics Card (Kali Linux Fortnite)

unsupported graphics card there is a problem with your graphics card. please ensure your card meets the minimum system requirements and that you have the latest drivers installed

I tried to open Fortnite but it showed me that msg

My system details are :

Kali linux Gnu rolling 64 bit Version 3.30.0

ram 8g
core i 7
Graphics : NV137
os name : Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
disk space : 226.8g

I know i have to update my nvidia drivers but every time i do that i face a black screen with text thats it. the system does not reboot

Graphics card : nVIDIA GTX 1050 2gb vram

Hey again @leka45 as i said on the other topic you opened fortnite is not working on linux right now due to epic games anti-cheat software so instead of opening more topics about your problem id say you should wait till theres a new installer or news from epic. And Fortnite works again there will be a new installer on its lutris page which probably will solve your current problem aswell :slight_smile:

Issue fixed i updated my graphics card it took me 5 hours and i fixed fortnite crashes