[Solved] Unable to play Overwatch/WoW after update 0.4.19

Seems like others also having Battlenet problems with this update, think it was different issues/errors though so chiming in as well:

Both working fine before update, after update I get…

Warcraft: Launches but when it tries to login immediately gives error blz51901016.

Overwatch: Tries to launch but gives ‘Could not locate resources’ same results if I try to ‘Run EXE inside wine prefix’ and point directly to Overwatch.exe. Tried reinstall same results.

Tried multiple DXVK versions no change. Both WoW/OW installed via Bnet app which was installed via Lutris install script.

There a 4.18 rpm somewhere? OpenSuse site/repo only has latest.

edit: seems to be an issue with copying dxvk dlls.

Checking ‘Disable Lutris runtime’ per a suggestion on Reddit seemed to fix both OW/Wow for me.

Ehm, thats what I had before the edit.

Please, mark it as solved.

Would love to but I can’t for the life of me figure out any way of setting this to Resolved.
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