[SOLVED]SWTOR is not loading past first loading screen

Here is the background information. I had SWTOR and a bunch of other games running smoothly on my Linux mint 18 system. I set my PC down to hibernate, only to find out that 8th generation parts are going to lock up Mint. Fresh installed the whole operating system…lost absolutely everything [Whatever]. I then went about my business and reinstalled SWTOR VIA lutris app. Everything went fine download went as expected, took quite a while. However, once i get logged in and hit “PLAY” it just sits at that first loading screen forever. No freezing, no crashing, just “Loading” forever. Like i said, before i had to reinstall linux mint, it worked flawlessly. Actually, SWTOR was one of the best running games on my linux system. I am a GM on that game and my officers are restless…Any help i could get would be appreciated.
I have tried deleting the Cache,running repair…everything that would be expected to fix the same problem in a WINDOWS machine.

[EDIT]: running Nvidia 390.4x drivers… I have a feeling an edit of the graphics settings out of game may help…but im unaware where that would even be in this Wine/Lutris install

Found a fix to the problem. It seems on default lutris used Wine 3.3-x86_64…And this caused an endless loading screen. By simply right clicking SWTOR in lutris>Configure>Runner options> and set it to wine STAGING 3.3-x86_64 seemed to fix the problem flawlessly. Hope this helps someone else! good luck.

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