[Solved] Steam game republished with new App ID

The game “Muv-Luv” on Steam was unpublished and republished with a different App ID. However on Lutris the metadata is locked to the old App ID without any way to modify it: https://lutris.net/games/muv-luv/

Old App ID: 449830 / New App ID: 802880

I think the Lutris Steam sync feature merges the 2 instances into the old ID.

Same problem with the sequel “Muv-Luv Alternative” https://lutris.net/games/muv-luv-alternative/

Old App ID: 449840 / New App ID: 802890

Not that big of a deal since the installer script can specify the game ID, but there is still the broken “Get it from Steam” link on Lutris.

The links and metadata have been fixed. Thank you to whomever fixed it!

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