[Solved] Steam account attached to old Lutris Account

Hi guys

I used to have a Lutris account but forgot my password and at the same time closed my old email account. I have since signed up for another Lutris account but can’t attach my Steam account. I can’t disconnect it from the old account because I can’t remember my details and can’t request a password reminder as I don’t have access to my old email account as I closed it.

Can someone help?

Can you provide some kind of detail regarding your old account (username, email) ? I’ll unlink it from your Steam account.

Hi Strider

My old account email was notthenewsreader@gmail.com. My new email address is martynjlewis79@gmail.com. Many thanks

I’ve removed the association with your old account, you can now use your Steam account with your current account.

thank you Strider

Hi! Same problem over here.
Old account: RESOLVED
New account: RESOLVED

I think that problem would automatically resolve if there was an option to recover username and not only the password.

Somehow I remembered my old username for the old e-mail and managed to disconnect my steam account. BUT, it’s clear that is an issue that can and is affecting other users. So please, if someone could help the other guys…