[Solved] Star Trek Online - DXVK Causes Freezing

If I have DXVK .52 enabled, I can get to the login screen, but when I click “engage”, the game freezes. Last item in the game log says: “ERROR: Failed to detect DirectX Feature Level”

If I disable DXVK, the game runs, but is so choppy it is nearly unplayable.

I’ve used the installer from this website. Not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help?

What is your graphics card? What are your drivers for it? Can you try a newer DXVK version? There are two installers for Lutris, which one did you pick?

My card is FX Radeon R7 240 R7-240A-2TS2 2GB 128-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 3.0 Video Card and was working with STO before. I don’t know what the drivers are. How would I find out. Lutris only seems to go up to .52 DXVK. How would I try a newer version? I used the retail version of the installer (not steam). Hope that helps.


Wow! That was easy! I updated DXVK and the game is running better now. Not as well as under Windows, but better. Thank you!

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