[SOLVED] Sims 4 [Origin] - Game Won't Launch

So after my previous post about not being able to access the wine configuration in Origin, I managed to get that fixed but now I have a different problem. I installed 64 bit Origin via the script on this site (the one marked gold here) and downloaded/installed all of the Sims 4 content I have (which is all of it) but when I try to launch the game it doesn’t do anything. Origin blinks (like its going to minimize to the taskbar for the game to launch) but nothing happens. I tried launching Lutris from the terminal to see what was going on, and I can supply that output, but honestly nothing comes up after launching Origin. I mean, nothing is added to the output when I try to launch the game itself.
I know there is also an install script specifically for Sims 4 but its for the DVD verison which I don’t have.

Try disabling Origin In-Game? RIght-click Sims > Game Properties > Enable Origin In-Game

Disabling Origin In-Game for Sims specifically worked insofar as I’m actually getting an error coming up in the terminal output. I had the in-game disabled overall so I don’t know why it was still enabled on sims.
Anyway, it’s now saying

Unimplemented function msvcr120.dll._get_purecall_handler called at address 0x7b450197 (thread 00f0), starting debugger…

I did a little searching and found a bug from November that caused the same error due to needing vcrun2013 added but not only has that been marked resolved on bugzilla, but I have 2013 installed already and 2012.

I just took out both vcrun 2012 and 2013 and reinstalled them and its working now. Launched and everything.


I’m trying to play sims4 after install gold script. Everything was going fine till I try to open the game from origin under lutris.

It comes out “The program TS4_x64.exe has encountered a serious problem and need to close…”

Please suggest!!

Have you tried the stuff above? Disabling origin in-game, removing all the installed vcruns using winetricks and then adding 2012 and 2013 back in?