[Solved] Script only works locally, but not when entered through the webform

Hey, I was trying to write an installer for Outward (GoG) and my script runs fine when I run it with lutris -i on my computer. Copying it into the webform for submitting it, just breaks it without any error messages. It doesn’t even ask for the setup file and running lutris from the terminal with -d doesn’t produce any debug output on this matter. Additionally, only when submitted, the script pulls in wine-4.20 instead of the specified 4.21 (again, works locally) I don’t know how to fix this, any help is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I cannot upload files to the forum as a new user, so here’s a pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/UZCxLcHv

OK fixed it. Please add a big red warning that scripts submitted via the webform must not contain “script:”

I believe the idea is to write the script in the webform, save it as a draft, and run the regular way (by clicking install button on the game page – you’ll need to expand the installers list to find it though). Then if you need to modify it you just open it in the editor again.

Also, technically stuff outside of script: is not part of the script, it’s metadata :slight_smile: