[SOLVED] Please help me get the xbox controller working in overwatch with lutris! Thanks!

Hi. Please point me in the direction with a youtube video or FAQ, links with xbox controller support for overwatch in linux and LUTRIS. And THANKS for this amazing software. Does it work to use a controller in overwatch? I sure hope so. Keep it up.

edit: I SURE don’t hope this is it when it comes to controller support.

I don’t want to use windows. Linux should have support, and i’m new when it comes to gaming in linux as to why this question came up. Thanks

EDIT! This is solved. My controller just started to work after i tried steam big picture mode. After i closed it lutris responded when i started it.
(Or after i added the game path and used xinput, etc.)
Very awesome software! I am very thankful for you people who develop this and are making progress in games on Linux, etc. And everyone who evolve Linux as a whole. Thanks! Keep it up! =)