[solved] Play oldies with "super eagle" filter

Just wondering if Lutris also allows adding filters to pixelated, old games like to snes or gba games.
Would be great, otherwise I’ve to use Retroarch. Not that I play old 16bit games very often, but a filter is a qol and makes a huge difference. Retro yes, but with some style.

If it’s supported by libretro (which RetroArch is based on), then it should work with Lutris too, because Lutris also uses libretro among its launchers. I’m not sure how should you enable it, though, because I don’t usually like too much filters for my retro gaming. Retro IS the style.

Hey thanks for your answer!
I found out how to add, configure and load filters. Super eagle isn’t that sharp as I remembered but looks pretty muddy.
Finally I found a nice one, removing pixelated edges (4xSoftSdb)
You find all kind of filters for all tastes, on tiny handhelds pixel didn’t bother very much but on big screen …it’s definitely not the same.

I see your point there, and I definitely appreciate it. But personally, if I want to play a Gameboy game (jut for an example of an old handheld), without having real hardware, then I prefer emulating it on a small screen, preferably if it’s also a handheld, like my (also very old now) DS Lite, rather than using filters on big screens. But that’s me… :laughing:

Anyway, I’m glad you were able to find a solution for yourself. :slight_smile: