[Solved] Overwatch Ubuntu 18.04

Hello everyone I’m new here (and in the Linux gaming community in general) so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:
I just managed to install and play some OW on my Linux machine , but I’m having trouble in setting my key-binds (e.g. can’t bind left CTRL key on wrecking ball’s slam , it defaults back to right CTRL)
Any ideas on any fixes ?
Thanks in advance <3

Certain keys may not save when bound in the settings menu. One workaround is to change the keybindings from outside of the game. For example, if you can’t assign Left Control to crouch, try assigning Right Control in-game, and then temporarily swapping them by running: xmodmap -e "keycode 37 = Control_R" xmodmap -e "keycode 105 = Control_L"


Just tested it in a game of quickplay , works like a charm , thanks a lot man !