[Solved] Overwatch Installation failing on Gentoo with WLDAP32.dll error

Trying to install Overwatch with the Lutris installer on Gentoo was giving me an error relating to the WLDAP32.dll file, and cancelling the installation mid install, making the Lutris entry not runnable. I fixed this by emerging the following packages with these use flags that I believe are relevant:

net-nds/openldap (abi_x86_32)
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl (+abi_x86_32 +openldap)
app-crypt/mit-krb5 (+abi_x86_32 +openldap)

With these installed, wine-staging, and the packages on the Battle.net Lutris Github page (https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/Battle.Net.md) I was able to get through the installation and install the game (installing the game, launching it, then quitting out is finally what got the installer to finish).

Hope this helps any other Gentoo users out.

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