[Solved] Overwatch could not locate resources 0xe00300e0

Im getting this error and nothing seams to fix it. The tricks posted for windows didnt help, reinstalling from within battlenet and from lutris didnt help either. Any help is appriciated :slight_smile:

Update : I think I managed to isolate the problem to this error, but I have no idea how to proceed :
ntlm_auth: relocation error: /usr/lib64/samba/libkrb5samba-samba4.so: symbol gss_acquire_cred_from version gssapi_krb5_2_MIT not defined in file libgssapi_krb5.so.2 with link time reference

Update II: The error above was a red hering. In case someone runs into this problem you have to Disable Lutris Runtime under System options after checking the advanced options checkbox

update III: This on the other hand breaks the launcher a bit and you have to delete the $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/ProgramData/Battle.net folder before every launch. The game will heve to be “installed” but it will detect the old instalation and just complete instantly.

Anyone knows if there is a possibility off adding script hooks to game launcher? I know I can add this to the .desktop file but it would be more elegant…

I had this same problem, when I clicked on “Play” to start Overwatch an error message showed up: “Could not locate resources 0xe00300e0”.

For me the problem was that the partition in which Overwatch was installed was mounted with the “noexec” fstab option. Apparently wine is not able to run correctly if the partition of the Windows software it is running is mounted with the “noexec” fstab option. Please note that the “user” and “users” options imply “noexec”.

Try to put the “exec” option near the end of the options list in fstab, and remount the partition.