[Solved] Overwatch - Can't export video highlights

I can’t export video highlight clips from Overwatch. Attempting to export videos results in Saving Error.

Saving Error
An unknown error has occurred. (6-04)

Using DXVK 0.94, on Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon) 64-bit. My only workaround is to just record it with OBS as its being played back in the game while running in Windowed mode. It doesn’t seem to get recorded when in Full Screen mode in OBS, since it’s just black screen, probably because it’s using Hardware Acceleration to draw in full-screen.

Hey, did you ever solve this? I’ve found lots of links about solving on windows, but only this for lutris…

Those fixes only apply to Windows, and do not work on Lutris. I still haven’t been able to find a fix for this issue since.

I’ve updated Lutris and changed DXVK version since I posted this, but nothing changes, and still can’t export videos.

DXVK 0.96
Lutris version 0.5.0

Found a solution @Alkaris, just save in webm format :slight_smile:

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WEBM? huh thats unfortunate… I hope a fix comes for MP4.

I want to save my highlights! Any fix? There must be a fix… How do you even save to webm in overwatch? Thanks

Click the gear icon and change the movie format.

Thanks! I missed that setting.

I know this is an older thread, but I ran into this problem with Overwatch 2 and this was the first page Google threw at me. Thought I’d share that the webm exporting doesn’t work anymore - it spits out a ~600kb file that cannot be read by video players. As far as I could find, there’s no fix for this problem, but there’s a workaround.

I copied the files in [prefix root]/drive_c/users/[username]/AppData/Local/Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch to a Windows drive and I could export the highlight I wanted from running the game there. It is far from an ideal solution, but it works.

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same issue here! but the workaround worked :+1: