[Solved] No Sound from other programs when a game is launched

Hi, i use Lutris on Mint 16.04.3 to run League of Legend. It’s fine, except that when the game is launched, i lost sound from other sources. After the game is launched, if i start a music player (mplayer or vlc) for example, i have no sound. And there’s also the opposite situation : if i’m already playing some music and i launch LOL on Lutris, the game has no sound.
I noticed something : with Lutris launched and i tried to listen music with mplayer, no music, and mplayer show an error popup : “pa_stream_writable_size()failed: connection closed”.
I have no other sound problem. I can listen music while other non-lutris games are launched.
I have the same problem with vlc, which works also fine when lutris games are not launched.
I tried with the “reset pulseaudio” setting, but it change nothing. I also changed the audio driver, in the “runner option” tab, but still no sound.
Also a strange thing : when i look in the Wine configuration of the game, in the audio tab, the peripherals listed are “hda nvidia - hdmi 0 to 2” (from my gtx 750). Perhaps that when a program already use my sound card (from my motherboard), Wine put the sound on the hdmi output of my gtx ?
Does someone have an idea ? thanks.

try the program pavucontrol. With it you can check (and change) which program is using which audio device

I believe this is what I did. I clicked on the root for each type and dragged the correct devices in the list according to my preferences (headset, then speakers for playback, and headset, then webcam for microphone)

Should be a lack of Wine dependencies did u install them ???

See https://www.gloriouseggroll.tv/how-to-get-out-of-wine-dependency-hell/.

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Thanks you guys for you fast response and good advices. I first installed pavucontrol, but it coudn’t change anything, because when running, lol wasn’t listed in the running programs, unlike other programs like a music player.
So i followed LCF advice : i installed Wine dependencies exactly like said in the page he posted. And it solved the sound problem :slight_smile: i have now both sound from lol AND others programs at the same time. And now, lol is noticed when running in pavucontrol.
And there’s even more : lol is now slightly faster between screens :slight_smile:
So thanks again LCF for his great help.

Now i’m a bit curious to know why the actual Lutris installer doesn’t include those Wine dependencies. I know they choose that to reduce compatibility issues with different Linux distros, but in the other way, they miss some performance improvements … And i would like to know : does my problem was just a Mint problem ?