[SOLVED] Multiple source directories for the library

Running Lutris 0.5.16 and was wondering if I can set up multiple directory sources for the library.
The space on my SSD is somewhat limited and would only save the games I most commonly run on that one, while keeping the space hogging or less played ones on the HDD.

Is that possible in any way in 0.5.16. So far in 0.5.16 preference > Storage tab I don’t see a way to add another source for your library and am wondering if that option is somehow hidden.

If not is is possible to add this feature to a later version?

Kind regards.

One important thing - if you plan to use anything other than /home/user name/Games, make sure you create a folder at the mount point you want to use (eg call it Games - very original) and then chown it to your user:your user and chmod it to 777 (eg sudo apt chown -R user1:user1 /mnt/user1/MyDrive/Games)
This will save you time and heartbreak later when you install a game and it won’t run and you delete it and try again (I mean look at the entries in this forum, many of the issues with external mounts can be fixed with this).

Then, and this is the real tricky part, when you install your next game, select the new Games folder not the default in prefix location…

Moving games is the same principle. move the game folders, then in lutris, right click → configure → game options → fix ALL the folders in the exe, working directory (if present) and prefix to match the new location of the Games folder (see why I used Games as the folder on the new drive?)…

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While not the way I thought about it and slightly less comfortable control on if new games are installed on my SSD or HDD, but it does solve the problem for now.

Thanks again! Will try it now and come back complaining if I fail setting it up right :slight_smile:

PS: Is there a way to mark this post as Solved? Edit: Ah noticed one can just edit the title P: unlike most modern forum social media garbage that does not let you do that anymore.