[Solved] "Manage Runners" minor tweak i3wm

I mainly use i3wm and when I open the Manage Runners dialogue it all works fine except there is no Close/Exit button. I tried using Ctrl-q but it has no effect and I have to use Shift-Mod-q (kill) to close the window. I know this is not something that will affect users of most DEs/WMs and it is not something that is accessed a lot but it would be nice not to have to use this “extreme” close method.
Thank you.

I use i3wm myself and I do not see the issue of using kill.

However, it shouldn’t be hard to add a simple close/exit button on the manage runners dialogue.

EDIT: Working on it

As I said it is not something you use often and it is a minor thing. Thank you.

https://github.com/lutris/lutris/pull/572 :slight_smile:

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