[SOLVED] Magic: The Gathering Arena DirectX11 Not working


A week ago I was able to install Lutris and run Magic: The Gathering Arena through it successfully. On Oct 26, the game stopped loading, giving me a DirectX11 not working error.

I searched for support and attempted a few things. DXVK 0.90 is installed and the option is turned on. My esync is set, test of ulimit -Hn yields result of 1048576.

Here is the pastebin output of the debug option:

Any help would be great, I’m not sure why it stopped working aside from the fact that there was an update in the game itself. I did an uninstall/reinstall several times, but it did not help.

I suggest not using DXVK to play the game. It’s not necessary to run and it doesn’t offer big improvements. I also doubt the game runs based on DXVK, but you can test with DXVK 0.80 to see if your problem is magically solved. Trying to toggle these enhancements off and on back again is a good way to start debugging it yourself.

The game had a new update just two days ago and it requires reinstalling the game, as far as I know, because the patcher doesn’t work properly on Wine at the moment.

Please enable wine output and reupload your log. The current one doesn’t say anything. lutris -d is reserved for debugging Lutris and your log suggests this isn’t a Lutris problem but a Wine problem.

Thank you both for your advice. Here is an update.

After disabling DXVK the game started. Of course, there are updates to download. This is a taxing process because it often crashes during this part. That much is known, but you reload it and eventually it downloads.

I enabled wine output for debugging and pasted it here:

So now it is loading. I’m sure once I update it, everything will be fine.

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Please edit the title with [SOLVED] at the beginning if everything is fine now


The game in Lutris and Wine seems to load fine. The issue now is that the update keeps crashing during the final 2 files. Been trying it for a few days.

I think this is more of a game problem than anything else.

Try checking the System Option “run in single core”. I found that it helped me patch these last two files in some occasions. When I needed to reinstall the game (after every new patch), starting with “run in single core” was more harmful then helpful, but it surely helps if the last two files don’t finish up.