[Solved] Lutris Installer Python Script Error

This error happened for all three Zelda fan-made games. Maybe other game too, I don’t know. There is a problem in the self path creation.
Lutris installer is trying to fund and move the file fixlibs.sh inside ~/.cache/installer/“game-name”/ whereas the file is actually in a sub-directory “fixlib” so the correct path should be : ~/.cache/installer/“game-name”/fixlib/fixlibs.sh. The installer script stop with the error : “I can’t move ~/fixlibs.sh, it does not exist”.
I tried to modify the installer script but I couldn’t figure out where to do it exactly.
Could I Have some help ?

[Solved] : Apologizes I didn’t do my job first and read before how does work lutris.
So I solved the problem by editing the installer script from lutris game page.
Change src from move command by src: $CACHE’/fixlib/fixlibs.sh’