[Solved] Lutris doesnt run games anymore - nothing happens

Hey folks!

Since today, Lutris doesnt run games anymore. When I run a game, it shows as Launching… for an eternity. Though when clicking another game and returning to my “started” one, it shows the “Stop” button.

But on htop I can’t see any process linked to the game. No wine, no searching of “game folder name”, nothing. It’s not running.

This is the log when starting Lutris via console:

$ lutris
2019-10-28 18:00:39,926: Running Lutris 0.5.3
2019-10-28 18:00:39,927: Using NVIDIA drivers 435.21 for x86_64
2019-10-28 18:00:39,927: GPU: GeForce GTX 1080
2019-10-28 18:00:39,927: GPU: 10DE:1B80 1043:8592 using nvidia drivers
2019-10-28 18:00:39,927: GPU: 8086:0412 1458:D000 using i915 drivers
2019-10-28 18:00:39,950: Vulkan is supported
2019-10-28 18:00:39,951: Updating DXVK versions
2019-10-28 18:00:40,124: Connected to lutris.net as Trollwut
2019-10-28 18:00:40,443: Updating D9VK versions

And this is the only line that shows up when starting a game:

2019-10-28 18:01:40,880: Runtime disabled by system configuration

Nothing after this happens. I tried restarting Lutris, downgrading a version, using another Wine version.

Steam does run games as intended; Linux native ones, also Proton/Wine ones

I’m running on Arch on an up-to-date system:

Kernel: 5.3.7.arch1-2
Lutris: lutris-0.5.3
nvidia: nvidia 435.21-14

If you need any further information, please ask :slight_smile:

Ok, seems like some work though

Apps that work:

  • Twitch App
  • Origin Launcher + Battlefield V

Doesnt do anything:

  • WoW Classic
  • Magic The Gathering Arena

EDIT: after about 30 minutes, WoW Classic has run (the Battle.net launcher as well as the game). Magic has yet to start.

Aaaaand here I’ve got the solution:

Magic now showed an error “Unable to get DXVK 1.4.4”. I immediately started it again and it worked.

Battlefield V, which has run without problems, has been on some DXVK 1.3.* - so I assume it was just some server problem fetching the new DXVK version.

Games are now working as intended!

Facing the same problem: running manjaro on latest amd open drivers.
brawlhalla used to run no problems. now when i run it nothing happens. lutris log is empty + no wine / lutris wraper process is fired.
running windows games from steam using proton is still fine + wine standalone is also fine.
it’s not clear to me how you fixed you’re issue.

Update : I now get “Unable to get DXVK 1.3.3”.
Restarted / Resintalled lutris but still can’t work it out

Well. I did nothing. next day it just worked :thinking: