[Solved] Lutris + Cemu + Steam Sontroller + Xbox One Controller


I did try to get this Combination running on my Arch Linux. I can start Cemu and change some Settings but it doesnt recognize my 2 Controllers.
I know my Xbox One Controller does work with a cable connection anyways, but my Steam Controller should work like a Xbox 360/One controller.

So my first problem here is the connection of this Controllers.
The other one is, if i start a game (Zelda BotW) Cemu crashes after compiling the Shaders.

Should I wait for a native port of Cemu? Are there plans of a Linux Port?

Thanks so far. :sunny:

I found a Software called SC-Controller in the AUR (Arch Linux User driven Softwarerepository).
It enables a Xbox 360 Controller emulation and allows me to switch the Steam Controllers Profile, what is normaly only possible within Steam in Big Picture Mode.
So I highly advice you guys to try this jf you own a Steam Controller!

sc-controller is an option for basic functionality, but I’ve been having a helluva time trying to get it to mimic my Breath of The Wild setup I was using on Windows with the native Steam Controller Configuration. Even just trying to get a functioning mouse-like joystick setup was incredibly frustrating.

I’m working around it now by not using sc-controller, instead I’m using Steam’s controller config, and changing my Desktop Configuration to my customized BoTW configuration. I saved my BoTW config as a template and I import that template into my Desktop Configuration (you can also do this by going through the “other games” tab when importing, but if you’ve got a lot of Steam Controller configs like I do, that can be a very long list to have to scroll through every time you want to do this, template is faster). I then play some BoTW, and when I’m done, I change the Desktop Configuration back to my default one. It’s an annoyance, but one I can live with until there’s a native Linux build for Cemu.

One drawback is that this still doesn’t get the Steam Overlay to hook into Lutris/Cemu, so you won’t be able to tinker with the config while you’re playing, or have any radial/touch menus, etc. But I’ve done all my tinkering in Windows and I’m pretty happy with the config I have for BoTW, and I don’t use anything that would need the overlay for this game, so I’m not too concerned about that. I’ll link my config in case you want to try it out: Breath of The Wild w/ Steam Controller

I love my gyro aiming, and I found a mouse-like joystick setup that feels pretty good with this game. If I could replicate this with sc-controller I would be more than happy to use that, but all my efforts have been futile so far.

Thank You for your long and detailed answer!
My main issue was to not have steam open and linked every game to it. I just used the xbox one controller with a cable (without doesn´t work in linux) and got the cemu emulater fully working with it.

You Configuration link doesn´t work for me. could you provide me a new one? :smiley:

Weird, it looks like the forum doesn’t recognize it as a link because it’s a Steam URL, here’s the link but you’ll probably have to manually copy/paste it to open it:


That should open up Steam and open a configuration window previewing it, ready to import it if you want.

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