[Solved] Lutris can't work correctly with wine-system

I’m using Lutris for a while and it is great, thanks very much!

However, I can’t get it to work properly with wine-gaming-nine 1.9.5 (package from AUR, staging with gallium nine patch, works perfectly on “.wine” and POL).

Not only winerunner don’t work with it, but I can’t install winesteam runner either.
When I set wine version to (System) and try to install winesteam, it will download wine 1.8 and fail to install steam (nothing happens after downloading the executable).

If I install steam using 1.8 (default) first, it will work as intended.
But if I change it back to (system) after that, winesteam runner looks like uninstalled (grey out)

I already tried a lot of stuff and combinations, clean install and lutris-git included.
Running “lutris -d” does not show any hint.

I’m running Arch x64, wine-gaming-nine package from AUR.
Also, consider the idea of including a staging-nine build within Lutris.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had several people tell me that WineSteam would not install, I have to inspect that more because I’ve never been able to reproduce that issue (well, I did but that was for an old version of Lutris and I’ve rewritten the WineSteam installer since).

What location is Wine Gallium Nine installed on in Arch? Is it in the standard location? (/usr/bin/wine)

Thanks for replying.

Yes, it is in the standard location.
It is pretty much wine-staging with Nine patch, nothing fancy.
Pointing to it with “custom location” also didn’t work.

I also tried pointing steam-windows to a alternative installation (within .wine, already installed and working), but this is also not recognized.

Something new: I can install steam-windows through installing a steam-windows-game.
It will install steam and open it.
I can even download and play the game. But it is also not recognized by Lutris after closing the application (still greyed out, game also claims steam is missing). Which means I have to install steam and download the game everytime I want to play it, lol

I’ll try Lutris with a virtual machine to iron out anything wrong on my end and post results if something unusual happen.

Sorry for bumping this.
I managed to partially “fix it”, doing this:

Yeah, I symlinked folders inside “1.9.6-x86_64” runner (comes with Lutris) pointing them to my system folders, and then just using that runner instead “System”.

It seems to work ok, but winecfg crashes if I click on “Audio” tab.
I played some Max Payne last night, working great. :wink:

There was a bug on the detection of system wine, the patch is available here: https://github.com/lutris/lutris/commit/c7d52f62b52a58a6e60713ff45ff2b3242d66e52

I suspect that this is the reason why the runner was asking to be installed constantly.

I can confirm, it is working fine with wine (system)!
Thanks a bunch!