[Solved] Lutris avalible for Ubuntu 19.04 please

I am running Kubuntu 19.04. 19.04 was released on April 18, 2019. I want to install Lutris so I can get Satisfactory running and all my steam games. Lutris only goes up to Ubuntu 18.10. Please add support for Ubuntu 19.04. Thanks. I will be getting Satisfactory on May 3rd.

FYI: If you don’t already know. Ubuntu always releases in April and October. The first two digits are the year and the two digits after the point is for the month. So you can expect a new version two times per year. I don’t expect them to change that policy anytime soon. You can look at distrowatch.com to see the release dates of all distros that distrowatch.com monitors. That’s almost all of the active ones.

Yes many people know Ubuntu release on the 4th and 10th month - hence how they have their release version numbers.

What you have to understand is that devs do this out of their own free time. “Typically” when it comes to Ubuntu the first support goes to LTS when devs create software. Next is the other releases (when it comes to *buntu).

When it comes to F/OSS I’ve noticed if you want to “keep up with the jones” best way is to use a rolling release distro - like Arch.

I’m pretty sure its on the “to-do” list.

Edit: In fact its already done https://launchpad.net/~lutris-team/+archive/ubuntu/lutris?field.series_filter=disco so whats your actual issue??

OK. It just wasn’t in the stable repo list on your down load page. I didn’t know about this unstable repo. I usually don’t install unstable repos, but lutris is probably OK.

Oops, it’s just untrusted, but it is stable. I will add it after I add the wine repo.

… you did actually look at the download page ( being https://lutris.net/downloads/ ) and read the three lines to (basically) copy/paste into terminal/cli - right?

I’m using Ubuntu 19.04 and the repo for Lutris runs perfectly :wink:

@northor, As you can see if you read the top of that page, it does not say ubuntu 19.04 that’s why I thought it wouldn’t work. I am installing it now from the ppa. Apparently, they add 19.04 to the ppa they just haven’t updated the top of the web page Where the description say what it runs on it only goes up to 18.10. Read the first paragraph above where you circled.