[solved] Lutris and CDEmu

Hello, Is there any special trick or settings to make games work with a mounted ISO?

I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.4

I have a bunch of old games that I want to replay that require the CD inserted to run. having the external CD drive plugged in all the time is kinda annoying so I figured that I would just create a disk image and mount it in place of the actual CD but the games still ask me to insert the CD. I tried mounting them with CDEmu but the games won’t launch at all that way.

The one I’m trying to run right now is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It works with the physical CD inserted. When the ISO is mounted with Ubuntu, it asks me to insert the CD and when the ISO is mounted with CDEmu, the game doesn’t open or do anything at all.

If you look at the CD installer on Lutris.net, you’ll see the CD version pulls down a 1.03 patch and NoCD crack that is still available :slight_smile:

Edit: Apologies - appears the domain hosting the NoCD patch (It was not a replacement exe - just the necesary instructions to adjust the exe using bspatch!) is gone. Not available on the Wayback Machine either.

Original games installed from the orignal CDs usually have copy protection (usually Safedisc/SecuROM). Although there are rippers that can pull exact images including the protection (try k3b,) it will likely not run the game.

The only option is to find another source for the game (GoG,) or find an oldskool crack to bypass the protection.

Non-copy-protected disks work - things install and run ok - except for a couple of bits of old quirky Win95 software that doesn’t like driveletters beyond E:, I’ve had no problems.

Hey, thanks for the info. I tried the install script but unfortunately the NoCD crack doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I Suppose that I could find another one somewhere else.

In KDE, you just click on the iso and it mounts as a drive and then the game sees it fine.

Games with Redbook audio is another story though. I haven’t been able to make an Alcohol image work correctly yet with redbook audio.

A few of my games will work that way. They will all install using images mounted with the default Ubuntu disk image mounter. Some of them just won’t play with an image thought. I figure it’s a copy protection thing.

I like using disk images because some of these games are getting pretty old and it reduces wear and tear on the physical CD.

You probably figured it out… Copy Protection. Always a pain… And like it stopped no one who was determined to copy it ever. Just stops legitimate users only.

Check My Abandonware for help on possibly solving your issue. Never mind, since GoG sells it still, they don;'t have any download links.

Wait for it to go on sale I guess… You can pick up DRM free copies for $2.50 usually: