[SOLVED] League of Legends - #BUG - Mouse

the game installed perfectly, the launcher opens the functions and everything else however when the game starts the mouse bug, gets stuck in the center of the screen you try to move and it gets pulled to the center, anyone help about it?

OS: Manjaro 17.0.5 Gellivara
CPU: Intel Core i7-7500U @ 4x 3.5GHz
GPU: GeForce 940MX (bumblebee)

any help guys?

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Hey… I’m not much of a linux expert however sometimes on windows when Im switching back and forth on starcraft brood war (one with low quality) I would get this issue because of the resolution difference between the game and my main desktop, becuase starcraft is fullscreen. Are you in windowed mode of league or fullscreen? If its fullscreen try windowed and adjust quality till it feels comfortable. If its windowed its worth a shot trying fulllscreen.

Hope my limited knowledge helps

the last time I tried to change some configuration I ended up breaking the game and having to reinstall it from scratch as I did not have a return I went la mecher again, however I managed to change the option of the mouse below

I know this problem is already solved but can’ t manage to disable the mouse warp in the ‘‘runner options’’. For some reason its empty i don’ t have a single option available so can’ t change anything. Does someone know what is cosing this?
Secondary, my problem is slightly different. it’ s still a mouse bug but like random freeze bugs. often after i clicked my mouse freezes for 2sec and overall when moving its more teleporting then moving. Don’ t think its caused by a lake of graphic power: the game almost runs perfectly with the highest graphic option and even with everything as low as possible the bugs doesn’t fade.
Hope someone can help me Thanks in advance.