[SOLVED] Lands of Lore 2 (GOG oldie) won't launch

June '21 - I had bought Lands of Lore - Guardians of Destiny in GOG some time ago, so I decided to install it on my brand new Fedora installation. The game downloads and installs just fine, but when I press “Play” on the Lutris app, button changes to “Launching” and then suddenly stops on its own. I tried to get the game logs, but they are empty, so there is little I can add. Any hints?

EDIT: I solved it on my own, I edited the game options in Linux and replaced the default path to the .exe file with the included .lnk file in the same folder. Worked like a charm.

The character changes back and forth dramatically in that one. Wine is less of a pain than the game in this case lol.

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It’s part of the game’s charm, I guess :sunglasses: