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[solved, kind of] Overwatch General Error 0xE0010170

Hi everyone,

Recently I updated my Arch Linux and Overwatch started crashing on startup; I suspect the issue is the NVIDIA driver but I’m not sure. Downgrading the driver to version 450.57-3 fixes the issue. However, since Arch Linux doesn’t support partial upgrades, I can’t hang onto an old NVIDIA driver over an extended period of time. Here are the relevant pastebins and a screenshot:

Any idea on what the issue could be or how to fix it?

Also sorry in advance, the forum limits me to posting two links in a post. I’ll try to see if I can put everything into one link or post the rest below.

Remaining bullet points from above:

Found another person who shares the same issue.

Hi all,

I was able to successfully run Overwatch just using wine-staging and some other tweaks (but not with Lutris). The inspiration came from docs in the dxvk github repo.

The performance is amazing (stable 60 fps on ultra settings) with the exception of occasional stuttering because of shader caching.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what issue there is running Overwatch under Lutris. Doing a system downgrade to an older linux kernel and nvidia driver (and basically all other packages) did not resolve the general error. My guess is that it’s related to dxvk caching and nvidia driver updates, but I don’t have the knowledge to fix this on my own.

I too have this issue and have had it for a very long time now (at least a couple of months), every fix you use also fixes it for me, but booting via Lutris is heck times for convenient.

I’m also using arch just like you, it would be great if this gets fixed.

If I disable DVXK in runner options the game boots, but stutters quite a bit and incredibly low FPS whenever shaders need to get calculated

Still have yet to fix this problem, and it’s now incremented, stating General Error 0xE0010180.