[SOLVED] Is pba + dxvk possible? [NO - mutually exclusive, due to architecture]

Is it possible to run World of Warcraft with (any version of) pba and (any version of) dxvk. I cannot run Wow, via Lutris, with pba or dxvk perfectly, but not together.

Will I see performances reward if I could, is this technically impossible? I get the WoW error: when trying to start the pba’s+dxvk I’ve tested:


PBA is OpenGL, DXVK is Vulkan. They are mutually exclusive. Now PBA shouldn’t interfere when you use DXVK at all (it doesn’t for me). However some people have had some interactions between the two, so it is better to disable PBA when you use DXVK.

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Thank you very much, that was concise and imformative. I had no idea that pba was built on OpenGL, naturally operation with vulkan would be mutually exclusive…I can give up my effort.

Many thanks!